1. Could change machine to make vertical milling.
  2. Volume is small, convenient operation, suitable to make complex of machine tools.
  3. To install a Graduated Ring which can be regulated 360° to choose the direction of the milling cutter.
  4. The processing suitable to inner boring and milling of slots, end face repair, and beveled chamfering, etc.
  5. Gear and spindle are made of chromium molybdenum alloy steel, through quenching and precise grinding.
  6. Bearing are use ball bearing, suitable for high-speed and light cutting.
  7. The milling head can only tapping and screw socket process while reversing, can't cutting and drilling or other process, make machinery damaged.
  8. Two type of cutter locked for customer demand. The suitable cutter locked can be ordered and delivered together with the product when purchase.
    (A) Hydraulic tool release for BT type.
    (B) Screw tool release for NT or BT type. (Pull studs must remove for BT type)
TYPE Max Tool Dia. Reduction Ratio Max Torque Max Horsepower Max Use Speed Spindle Steering Accessory
CN74 ψ100 1:1 15KW 300N.m 2000rpm #50/Forward M12×P1.75×71L-4Pieces
CN75 ψ100 1:1 15KW 300N.m 2000rpm #50/Forward M12×P1.75×71L-4Pieces