Universal milling machine: The universal milling machine is suitable for using various bar milling cutters, circular milling cutters, and angle milling cutters to mill planes, bevels, grooves, etc. If you use the accessory files of the milling machine such as universal milling head, round table, indexing head, etc., the processing range of the machine tool can be expanded. The machine tool has sufficient rigidity and power, has a strong processing capacity, can carry out high-speed and heavy-load cutting work, gear processing.

The accessory head (angle head...) is as follows: universal head C45 C50 C55 H45 H50 H60
H45, H45N, H50, H50N
H45, H45N, H50, H50N VIEW
C45, C45N, C50, C50N
C45, C45N, C50, C50N VIEW