Horizontal boring and milling machine : The main difference of the horizontal milling machine is the vertical arrangement of the spindle. In addition to the different arrangement of the spindle, the worktable can be raised and lowered, and end mills, machine chucks, drills, etc. can be used. Milling keyway, milling plane, boring, etc. can be used. Mainly, you can use hangers and accessory heads (angle head, universal head...) to enhance the strength of tools (mainly three-sided edge milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.). Horizontal milling machines generally have an end milling head.

Although the function and rigidity of this end milling head is not as powerful as that of a vertical milling machine, it is sufficient for end milling processing. This makes the overall function of the horizontal milling machine stronger than that of the vertical milling machine. Vertical milling machines do not have this feature and cannot process workpieces suitable for horizontal milling. The productivity is higher than that of a horizontal milling machine.

The accessory head (angle head...) is as follows: 90 degree milling head N75 N76, angle head N30 N45, universal head C45 C50 C55 H45 H50 H60, extension two way head E73 E75 E77 K73 K75, double spindle head D75 F75 F85 F86, deep lining angle head A73 N73 A74 N74.
H45, H45N, H50, H50N
H45, H45N, H50, H50N VIEW
A75, N75, N75C
A75, N75, N75C VIEW
E77, N75
E77, N75 VIEW
C45, C45N, C50, C50N
C45, C45N, C50, C50N VIEW